Book Review: MAMA OPOSSUM’S MISADVENTURES (Gallois, 2020)

This lovely and engaging second installment in Gina Gallois’ engaging animal series blends an interactive “find the joey” activity with another strong message about interspecies coexistence.

After taking a tumble, an opossum family becomes separated. Mama must now retrieve each of her 10 joeys from various nocturnal forest friends — raccoons, skunks, beavers — whom they’ve encountered in their wanderings. Not all are so friendly, though, as the reader learns! Can Mama retrieve each joey in time?

In her promotional video for “Opossum Opposites,” Gina Gallois offers a sneak peek of the nocturnal critters who show up in “Mama Opossum’s Misadventures.”

This sweet story once again features illustrations by the talented Aleksandra Bobrek, whose artwork makes it just challenging enough for young readers to to spot each joey — even as they engage with multiple nocturnal critters (including, of course, raccoons).

The interactivity is the book’s main focus this time, with the “Opossum Facts” saved for the end — along with a lovely message about paying it forward: the third book, “Opossums to the Rescue” will see the little possum family returning a lost baby mouse to her family.

This is another educational read in a series I’m very much coming to enjoy!

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