The books in the Living Wild Side by Side series share several important features:

  • Curriculum enhancements and extension activities that adhere to US Common Core standards for Grades 2 and 3
  • Printed in a dyslexia-friendly font (Dyslexie by Christian Boer)
  • Easy for teachers or homeschoolers to implement as part of literature, science, or social studies courses.

Raccoon Rescue

When a human child kidnaps their baby sister Renae to keep as a pet, the only thing raccoon siblings Roxy and Rufus want is to get Renae back to their den where she belongs. Will the lessons their Mama has taught them be enough to guide them on their dangerous rescue mission?

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Raccoon Retreat

Roxy, Rufus, and Renae are almost all grown up and ready to strike out on their own. But when their forest home is suddenly destroyed, the three young raccoons are forced to explore an unfamiliar environment far outside the bounds of what they’re used to. Embarking on a new double mission — find their missing Mama, and then find a new home — they put all their survival skills to the test as they avoid predators, make new friends, and return to where the humans live.

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Raccoon Rebound

Coming soon! Find out what happens when raccoon families are forced to den around humans!