July’s Patron Update: Learning about lesson planning

Over at my Patreon site I have my first patron-only post! There might not be a lot of new material here for those of you who are engaged in lesson planning, but I do give hints for what’s coming next with the Living Wild series and the educational materials I’m working on for it:

  • The differences between curriculum mapping and lesson planning (yes, I really did have to go this basic, but it was useful and I describe why!)
  • The competencies outlined in the United States Common Core State Standards and South Carolina State Standards, the differences between them, and which ones are (and aren’t) relevant to my series.
  • The need to plan for all learning styles / modalities / profiles — reading/writing, aural, visual, and kinesthetic — especially those driven by students’ own abilities and limits. (Hint: I covered one example of this in my blog interview with MaryEllen Schoeman!)
  • My next steps for the month of August.

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Image by ludi from Pixabay

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